A Letter from Our Director

Dear Parents,

As a career educator of 15 years and a homeschooling parent, I have come to know so many families that prefer the path of homeschooling for their children. The reasons are as many as there are families that would ideally choose to take this path; but unfortunately, not every family that would prefer this option feels that it is feasible in their situation. Some doubt themselves and their ability to provide an education superior to that offered by schools. Others fear falling into a routine complacency where homeschooling becomes little more than route work from cookie-cutter curricula. Some simply lack the time to plan and execute an enriching and fulfilling learning experience for their children. And many fear that the stresses of taking on full responsibility for their family’s learning will drive them apart rather than, as intended by many, bring them closer together.

These are all valid concerns representing real challenges. I know because, in my own family, we were similarly beset by doubt and fear prior to embarking on the truly enriching path of homeschooling. While the challenges have not been few, the reward has been great. Since beginning our homeschooling experience with our children, we have seen so many positive benefits and have not regretted for a moment our decision. Our children’s learning has become more firmly grounded in real-world experience. They have become more independent, not just in learning but in taking general initiative in daily life. We have greater control over what we want to explore together and what we’d rather save for later. And our family has grown ever closer as we spend more time together, and each understands better the valuable role they and other family members have to play in our success as individuals and a family.

Despite our positive experience with homeschooling; the aforementioned concerns and fears are still valid for families considering this path, and many feel they cannot proceed without support. The purpose of the homeschool services at The Learners Center is to provide just that, and they aim to remove the barriers so many parents perceive in putting a life-changing homeschooling experience into action for their families. Our unique program offers a fully customized curriculum with daily lessons planned according to your aims and needs. Enriching extra-curricular and community activities are planned and booked for you in line with the curriculum, your schedule, and your budget. Parents receive regular mentoring sessions with expert educators to provide answers to their questions and guidance on how to proceed. Students and parents are provided with regular, thorough, and constructive feedback on their work; and even record keeping, aligned with state or national requirements, can be provided.

We want to extend the opportunity for an organic and enriching learning experience via homeschooling to as many families as possible. If you have long thought that homeschooling was right for you but were hesitant to do so, you can now take a deep breath and plunge fully into the vast ocean of experience that homeschooling provides. To be sure, there will be bumps along the way, but now you can have an experienced guide at your side through the difficult times and unto new horizons for your children and your family.

All the best,
Yahya M. Addison, M.Sc.
Lead Consultant
The Learners Center

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