The Magna Cum Laude Support Plan

$39 per sessionA 5-star learning support plan in its own right, the Magna Cum Laude Plan comes with amazing rewards comparable to the Sumna Cum Laude Plan, while requiring lower enrollment minimums and still offering a per session price lower than any competitor in our class.  The plan is a great alternative for schools with smaller enrollment that would still like to avail of comprehensive learning support benefits.

Plan Details

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  • Only $39 per individual session, each student saving $1,280. Only $312 per student per month for 8 sessions of tutoring.
  • Easy monthly installment payment plan.
  • Low enrollment minimum of 25 students.
  • 4 months of support.
  • $2,750 in school support.
    • FREE school needs assessment up to 120 minutes to evaluate your school’s and students’ needs and objectives – a $300 value – no purchase necessary.
    • FREE end-of-term assessment meetings up to 120 minutes – a $300 value.
    • FREE E-Book, The Everything Guide to Study Skills – a $15.99 value, for every enrolled student upon completion of four sessions.
    • FREE qualitative and quantitative end-of-term data analysis highlighting achievements, learning gaps, and suggestions for future plans – a $500 value.
    • Initial set up of your learning management system – a $1,000 value.
    • Branding for your learning management site, including a unique URL sub-domain and 50GB server space – a $1,000 value.
    • 5 hours of live support during which your dedicated specialist will walk you through the process of creating courses, uploading content, assessing students, and communication among users using our learning management service – $750 value.
  • 6 full weeks during which you can evaluate the success of your program.  If you are unsatisfied, you may cancel your remaining sessions for a full refund of $39 per remaining session.
  • Unused sessions are completely transferable.  Transfer sessions to another enrolled student for free.

Further Terms and Conditions for the Magna Cum Laude Plan.