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background screening-resized-600We constantly screen hundreds of candidates to select some of the best tutors in the world.  From NASA scientists to lifetime educators, from published writers to theoretical mathematicians, we’ve been fortunate to have one of the best offerings of talent in online and on-the-ground tutoring, providing teachers of diverse backgrounds to meet the needs of diverse students.

All of our tutors for our advertised learning support packages are native speakers of English and certified teachers.* Many of our teachers are multi-lingual and can provide support in a number of languages, including:  French, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German, Latin, and Greek.  We have personally interviewed every tutor working with us, so you can be sure that your tutor will have your learning goals foremost in his or her mind along with the tools, experience and expertise to help you realize them.  Meet our teaching team below!

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Yahya Addison